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Membership Certifications

Membership Certifications

In order to ensure that all AFAR members are well exposed to all areas of Forensics and promote specialization, the following Certifications are modular programmes in which members can study and sit for examinations and be certified. Each certification programme cost $250 for AFAR members and $500 for non-AFAR members. They are modules that consist of 120 objectives and sub-objective questions which must be passed at 75% before the award of relevant Certificates. All candidates for the AFAR’s Modular Certifications who are AFAR members must be in good financial standing in any of the membership categories and there is no exemption from any of the module of the examinations for would-be candidates.

We encourage all our members to specialize in one or more areas of Forensic, the following are the Single Subject Certification that is available for members. This means one must be a member of AFAR at any category before he or she can be allowed to take AFAR Certification programme.

⦁ Certified Forensic Accountant (CFAt)
⦁ Certified Forensic Auditor (CFAr)
⦁ Certified Forensic Investigator (CFI)
⦁ Certified Forensic Tax Auditor (CFTA)
⦁ Certified Forensic Anti-Money Laundering Investigator (CFAMI)
⦁ Certified Digital Forensic Accountant (CDFA)
⦁ Certified Forensic Researcher (CFR)

Above certification counts towards Postgraduate Degrees (PGD, MSc or PhD in relevant courses) of AFAR’s affiliate Universities.

Continual Education

All categories of AFAR members are required to earn a minimum of 30 credit hours of continuing professional education per year to ensure they remain updated, educated, and relevant in the field of forensics. This may be from other relevant professional bodies. Evidence of such training must be filed with AFAR yearly.

AFAR Designations

AFAR members are permitted to use the following appellations after their names depending on their membership level:
Categories Appellations
Graduate GFAR
Associate AFAR
Fellow FFAR

Members core area of Practice

The following among others are the key areas where AFAR members can function:
⦁ Forensic Accounting
⦁ Forensic Audit/Investigation
⦁ Law Enforcement
⦁ Investigations
⦁ Internal Control/Audit
⦁ Compliance
⦁ Audit and Assurance support
⦁ Tax Auditor/Investigators
⦁ Computer Forensics and Information Technology Security
⦁ Loss Prevention
⦁ Insurance Loss Adjusters
⦁ Research & Development

Membership Benefits

Joining AFAR confer the right to use appropriate AFAR appellations and provides members with the following benefits among others:
⦁ Opportunity to network with other members across the globe
⦁ Partake in the contemporary forensic related discussion with other experienced members
⦁ Receiving AFAR periodic newsletters
⦁ Career development and employment opportunities
⦁ Attending affordable seminars, workshops, training and conferences
⦁ Opportunities to specialize in any of the areas of Forensic by partaking in short courses leading to the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in the area of Forensics in collaboration with our affiliated International Higher Institution

Membership Requests:

All requests for membership should be mailed to
Application and Membership Fees:
Categories Fees
Graduate N50,000/$140
Associate N150,000/$330
Fellow N200,000/$550
Institutions/Corporate Organisations N250,000/$695
Fees paid are non-refundable

Membership Subscription

Categories Appellations Subscription
Graduate GFAR N5,000
Associate AFAR N15,000
Fellow FFAR N20,000
Affliate/Institution/Department N50,000
Corporate Organisations N70,000